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Johann Gutenbrunner

Tours to Remember and Tours to be Remembered
Is life not all about memories, about remembering and being remembered?

When travelling, humans desire to collect experiences, impressions, and insights related to a particular location. By choosing the relevant topics, destinations and enabling encounters with remarkable sights and people Limello Tours is absoltutely dedicated to enrich you, your guests, and clients with uplifting and rewarding private tours.

Based in Linz, we provide services for:
    Linz, Salzburg, the Lake District, Steyr, Melk, Vienna, Mauthausen, Ebensee, Berchtesgarden "Eagle's Nest", Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Passau, Vienna, etc...

    Limello stands for "Linz" and "mellow"
    Linz is emerging from its dark and infamous role during the Nazi period growing to become a sweet and modern city for its inhabitants, the students, and for all the visitors from abroad.