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Gaining new insights by taking part in one of the themed walking tours in Linz:

  • Linz - a so-called "Fuehrerstadt" - during the Nazi-Period, dealing with its historical burden
  • "Limoni-Stollen" - air raid shelters in Linz built by exploiting slaver laborers of Mauthausen concentration camp
  • Dignitaries related to Linz (Johannes Kepler, Anton Bruckner, Richard Tauber, Simon Wiesenthal, Franz Welser Möst,...)
  • "Friedensstadt" (Self-declared City of Peace) Linz and a European Capital of Culture in 2009
  • Religion - The Impact of Reformation and Counter-Reformation in the Linz area
  • Heritage of Jewish Families and Institution in Linz (Based on research and publications by Ms. Verena Wagner)
  • "Music, was my first love", The connection of Anton Bruckner and Richard Tauber to Linz

The themed walking tours take up to two hours. To get a bigger picture or to spend less time with walking on foot every tour can be upgraded on request to include taxi, limousine or bus transportation.
All prices indicated include Austrian VAT.



The Historical Burden of Linz

Adolf Hitler considered Linz to be his home because he spent nearly nine years in Leonding and Linz.
Some of his staunches supporters like Eichmann and Kaltenbrunner were closely related to this part of Austria. It was here in Linz, that Hitler was greated by a cheering crowed on March 12, 1938 when he proclaimed the Anschluss.

Duration: app. 2 hrs                                               EUR 144,- / per group


Nazi Architecture and Construction Projects in Linz 1938-1945

This tour is offered by a local colleauge who is a historian by profession. More details to be published soon.

Duration:                                               EUR ..,--


Linz "Limoni-Stollen" Air Raid Shelters Underground Tour

Between January 1944 - April 1945 extensive bunkers and tunnels were built by exploiting slave laborers from the near Mauthausen concentration camp. On this tour you will also find out more about the role of the "Fuehrerstadt" Linz during the Nazi periode. Warm clothing, solid shoes and flash lights are required to bring along.

Duration: 1,5 hours                                               EUR 168.-- / per group


Heritage of Jewish Families and Instituions in Linz

On this tour you will hear about great patriots, entrepreneurs, artists, fathers, mothers, children, religious and civic leaders with Jewish background in Linz and see building and locations related to them.

Duration: app. 2 hours                                               EUR 144.-- per group


Linz, a European Capital of Culture and Ars Electronica

In 2009 Linz was a European Capital of Culture.
The anual "Ars Electronica Festiaval" and the "Coud of Sound" (Linzer Klangwolke) the city of Linz are just a few samples of attractive and creative urban cultural developmen. The new opera house "Landes-Musik-Theater Linz" and parts along the Danube as well as a few blocks of medieval Linz will be introduced on this tour.

Duration: app. 1,5 hours                                               EUR 144.-- per group